Shoes English Conversation For Beginners Into Urdu

Shoes English Conversation For Beginners Into Urdu

What is that?
woh kia hai


That is a pair of shoes.
Woh aik jhootey ki joori hai


What are they made of?
Woh jhootey kis cheaz k baney hue hai


They are made of leather.
Woh leather ka baney hue hai


How many parts has a shoe.
Jota kitney hiso per mustamil hai


It has four parts.
Aik jota 4 hiso per mustamil hota hai
Es ka 4 hisey hai

What are they?
Kon kon sey
Woh hisey konsey hai
Woh kia hain


They are the toe,the Heel,the Sole And lace?
Woh hai paar ka agla hisa, paar ki heel, paar ka nichla hisa aur feetay

What is the use of your Shoes
Tumhrey jhootey kis kam atey hai
En ka estamal kia hai

I can walk and run on the hard Ground.
Main baagh aur chal sakta ho sakt zameen per

do all people wear shoes?

Kia tamam log jhootey pehantey hai


No, some wear sleepers and some wear sports shoes.
Kuch log chapal aur kuch log khel waley jhooty pehanty hai


Whose shoes are these/they?

Yeh jhootey kis ka hai


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These/they are my shoes

woh mere jhootey hai


When did you buy your shoes?
Tum nay apney jhootey kab kareeday


I bought them 2 years ago.
Main woh do saal pehle kareeday they


Where did you get them?
woh tumney kaha sey hasil


I got them at a shop.
Maine woh dokan sey hasil kiye

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