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Short Story Half Lie By Areesha Nadeem Islamabad

She was sitting on a bench in one corner of the playground. Normally during recess, she would have sandwiches from the truck shop and gossip with her friends. But today, neither she ate some-thing, nor bared she to talk to someone. She had her head down and her gaze upon her feet; tears could be seen clearly in her eyes if she would have looked up. But maybe she was trying to hide her tears. She was sure that everyone in the school, today, would be discussing the same topic “Irum and Amna”. They were best friends, including zainab. The three of them would stay together most of the time. They were happy with one another and had a good friendship. Everything was fine until yesterday. Irum and Amna, both were good at studies. They always prepared well for their tests and exams but that day, Amna’s preparation for math’s test wasn’t good. A day before the test wasn’t good. A day before the test, Irum called Amna. ‘What about the movie Amna? She asked.

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Amna couldn’t go because of the test but when Irum insisted, she just went with her. That night they watched a movie and ate ice cream too. ‘Was an exciting day, right? Asked Irum from Amna as they drove back home. Yeah, but what about the test? Have you learned all the formulas? Amna countered. ‘Not yet. But I shall do it tomorrow.’ ‘I too, am not prepared for the test.’ ‘Don’t worry girl. Have a good night.’ The next day was not good for both of them. Amna and Irum failed in the test. For the first time, they had ever got fewer marks. Amna had started to hate Irum. Amna was more conscious about her studies so she was very upset. The next day she went to Irum.
‘Irum, How could you? She said to Irum who was sitting on the railing of the tarrace. I cant believe that I am a failure, just because of you… my best friend.’ ‘ Don’t blame meYou agreed to go with me.’ ‘ It was you who made me go.’ ‘Just stop it !’ I hate you Irum. You are a failure’. ‘You guys have gone mad. Do not fight. ‘ zainab interrupted. ‘I’ve not done anything wrong. And you’re blaming me for all the mess. You can’t do this with me. Just get lost from here.’ Irum pushed Amna back but not with such ,a force which Amna used to push her in return. And that was the time, when Irum, from the terrace on the second floor of the school building, fell down. That wad a day of tragedy in school.
Irum was badly injured. Luckily, her head was safe but she got her left elbow fractured and also many other little injures. She cried with pain. After some medical treatments in school, she wad sent to her home as early as possible. On the other hand, Amna could not believe her eyes… She couldn’t believe on her herself. Did she really do this?! She thought. ‘Amna that their friendship had ended. ‘This is my final decision. And, never show your face again ‘she said. Amna ran away from there. In the playground, she saw teachers, students and all the school staff gathered around Irum who winced with pain. Amna couldn’t hear Irum’s painful voices anymore. She ran away from there. In a corner of the playground, she sat and burst in tears.
The next day, Amna was called in the principal’s office. ‘So Amna ‘ said Madam sara ‘you pushed Irum from the railing. Is that so? Amna had nothing to say.she kept quiet, rolling her eyes here and there. ‘Are you ready for a punishment? What?’ Amna said slowly. ‘I have to speak’ she said to herself ‘ but what to speak ? A lie? There was no other option except speaking a lie. ‘But madam! finally she managed to speak a few words. ‘It’s… It’s not me who did this.’ Madam sara raised her one eyebrow. ‘Irum ia my best friend. How can I do this awful thing with her? ‘Then who do you think has done this?’ ‘Zainab.’ Oops! Had she spoiled both of her friendships with her own hands? But there was no other option. She wouldn’t spoil herself.’Z-z-zainab and I-Irum were quarreling and zainab just pushed her so hard that she….’ Madam sara was confused. Amna continued ‘Zainab has simply blamed me madam. Trust me!’

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OKay I shall think about this matter. You can go now’ said the principal and Amna left. Amna really had to prove that she was right or otherwise, everything would go wrong. finally , she decided what to do. She would have to speak a hundred lies to prove one. The next day she took Madam sara at the place from where Irum fell. She had written, ‘I hate Irum’ and a ‘Z’ below it on the railing to show that zainab had written this. This was just half had written this. This was just half of her lie. She had decided to write the same text on zainab’s books. She got this idea when she was writing ‘I hate Irum’ on a little piece of paper. She was just putting her feeling on the paper. These feelings were true; she put the paper in her locket . it was a locket of star shape: it could open and get closed too. On one side she had her own picture and on the other side, there was a little sentences, when Madam sara saw this sentences, with a Z on the railing, she was almost sure that it was Zainab who just blamed Amna . still she was a bit confused.
‘Hmm’ she said ‘I see. I need to ask from Zainab’ ‘please madam , please.’ said Amna ‘I’ve not done anything wrong. You can’t punish me for zainab’s deeds. Irum is my best friend. I love her so much.’ After some time, madam sara called Amna and Zainab in her office. Amna used to keep her locket with her every time. So she had it right now in her shirt’s pocket. So she had it right now in her shirt’s pocket. ‘So Zainab, you have done all this mess.’ madam inquired zainab was astonished. ‘Yes, it is the truth Zainab. And no excuses…’ punishments were announced for poor Zainab and she couldn’t believe it. Amna was happy, but just for a moment. When the two had been leaving the room, Amna’s foot hit a chair and she fell down. The locket jumped out of her pocket and was lying open beside her on the floor. She grabbed her locket hurriedly and stood up. But Madam Sara had been the name of Irum somewhere. ‘Can you show me your locket Amna? Said Madam Sara. Amna had nothing to say. She stood still. Madam Sara snatched the locket from her and read the text. Amna had to face a great embarrassment that day. This was what she got for her half lie. She could not imagine what would happen with her if she would have spoken another lie to prove one.


Short Story Half Lie Written by By Areesha Nadeem, Islamabad

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