Short Story Mortal love By Mirza M. Shayan,

Mortal love

By Mirza M. Shayan, Islamabad

The sun rises , giving the bail of morning. It is a time for life to start its day. The sun begin its day by showering feeble rays of light to life, a sparrow by tweeting, moon by disappearing, a cricket by chirping human starts their day randomly. Some get up early for following daily routines. Fathers wake up for office and children for school. Mothers get up for preparing their children breakfast and getting them ready for school. Among many mothers, David’s mothers, was preparing breakfast for david although david was not a kid any more. He was a university student but his mother was much caring and still pampered him with her love and care . unlike ordinary mothers, david mother was aware of touching him about strength of his character. David’s mother built a strong character of david. She often warned him that cleanliness of character was most important for her. She would not bare a crack on david’s character. She would not bear any one lay finger on his character. David’s mother preached him about the meanness of this world, about the instigation of material. His mother was not materialistic and didn’t want david to be. Unlike her mother david was sort of materialistic and was fed up by his mother’s lectures. All he was interested in making money.

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David in university was discussing about shortcuts for making money. He was fed up by education and was willing to get involved in some kind of business promising him great wealth quickly. His so called group of friends keep of friends keeps spoiling him by telling him about the criminals earning through shortcuts, that deeply altered his mind to get involved in these ways. As the time goes on, david became more and more indulged in shortcuts and one day he made up his mind to start. He consulted his so called best friend toby for that. Toby promised him that if he manages to get few thousand dollars, he will get him into a drug dealing business. David went home stole her mother jewellery , sold it and gave money to toby. Toby with strange smile accepted the cash and demanded a week to fulfil the job david’s mother was thinking about that day when David’s mother was thinking about that day when david was going to university first time . it was a beautiful day for them . it was quite rare of a village boy going to university in a city . david with mother lived in a village. Far away from hustle of urban area.David mother always warned him about the cunning people there, about the hollow life there  there, material love there . she told him about the curse of material . she often advise him to be man of his honour and not to sell his dignity and sometimes used to say “David we are naive villagers. We should be cautious of cunning city men” . she advised david all of these, that day too. David said farewell to his mother promising her to be as good as she want him to be. David obeyed her   mother advice in start but then he met ” toby “. He was a cunning guy who had a hate for villagers .He hated villagers as they didn’t have were same standards as of urban citizens. According to him they were fithy. Toby trapped david in his net of flattering and so called friendship. Toby made David change his mother advices. Every day he returned home , David mother could sense change in thinking of David. He was now more interested in materialistic things. David’s mother tried to lure him back but all in vein. She discussed the problem with his father abroad, he calm her but she was still worried. Door bell reng, it made David’s mother back from world of past. It was David at the door. David was happier then usual. His mother noticed and asked. David didn’t reply but smiled. David sat on old couch, looked at his old room and said ” it’s pretty wild now. I will renew my room house and even my whole life,”  David’s mother replied “That will be great but you still have 3 more years of study”. David replied in fulsome tone “come on mom who,

‘Come on mom ! Who’s going wait for that”. David’s mother became angry  ” David I ‘ve been sensing changes in you . some city men are doing that?” ” Come on mom! I’m sick tired of you advices. I am not living honored life anymore. I want to live my own life”. ”David you are our responsibility”. his mother replied  “Enough mom! I’m dine now.” ” Alright then fine Do whatever you want to do” David mother replied with grief tone. David later that day left telling his mother new location of his house in city.


David while enjoying his new life had forgotten how lonely his mother will be. He traded his immortal love of family, hid self respect, dignity, honour, self esteem and most importantly his mother trust snd love for mortal  love for materials.  Toby wad successful in making David lose all these things. Now sells drugs and robs shops for money. He was too much indulged in making money. His conscience’s died long ago. To destroy someone’s life, destroy his consciences. Toby, well aware of that, made that happen and greed was his bail for David.Soon David

was bored of this life. He misses being himself,Being colse to his mother, being honourable. Little ray of humanity and self respect produced in him. David remembered those days when used to enjoy life with his family, those days when he was not like now he is. David remenbered the day when he fell from bicycle and cracked his ankle. His parents became much worried for him. They took care of him, they spent whole nights beside him heating and rubbing his ankle. He recalled his memory of those days when he demanded new toys every week and his parents never refunded. They took care of him like no other parent could ever do. His parents made him eat delicious cakes and they themselves didn’t eat as they were too expensive and often they made him eat their part. He remembers those days when his mother used to make him his favourite dishes even she wasn’t well.

Now he was feeling that maybe he made a mistake. He discussed that with Toby. Toby tried to destroy that ray of light, and succeed. Then he decided to end his chapter. He gave all details of David’s crime to a local police officer and lured him in clutches of police. David trying to escape from police got shot near kidney. David mother was making diner for his father who had arrived from abroad with broken heart as he heard about David. Phone bell ringed, David father received the phone and told his mother that David got shot and doctor says that he need a kidney transplant. David mother reacted and said” He broke my heart and my trust. This is the perfect time to take revenge.” David father shocked “what? Whay revenge at this time.” David mother remained silent, dressed up her overcoat took her purse and said” I am going to hospital to take my revenge. Come if you want too”. David woke up in hospital. He closed see blurred image in his eyes.He closed and rubbed his eyes. Now he could see doctor standing near him, gave him a note to read and left. David drank few sips of water; placed glass aside closed his eyes, took a deep breath in and stared at note. “Son, you have broken my heart and I had taken my revenge. ‘Your mother’ “David called doctor. When the doctor came, David asked what that is about. Doctor replied him with details.

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David after  hearing doctor’s word, for a moment he stood still then fell down. At first he tried to scream but couldn’t then he screamed and screamed and cried “What have I done.” People in the ward stared at him. He was center of attention for them. A kid whose father was doctor here, asked his father about him. His father replied” Son! He traded the immortal love of his mother, his family, his immortal honour, self respect, self esteem, dignity for mortal materialistic love which is just like sand in your palm that flows out quickly. Families are most important in this world. There is no return and alternatives for family. The mortals of world could never replace them. It’s the love and prayers of your families that is immortal and help you in this world and hereafter. His mother gave him her kidney and called that her revenge… Now he has to spend his whole life in jail missing the immortal love of his family!”

“Phone bell ringed David father received the phone and told his mother that David got shot and doctor says that he need a kidney transplant”

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