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Shortcuts basics form of the verb
We will use only first form of the verb after these situations:
• He got to…
For example
He got to go.
she got to work.
They got to work
• She/He/Ali/Your friend has got to…
She has to go.
He has to go.
Ali has to go.
Tariq has to go.
• We/They/Your friends have got to…
We have to go.
They have to go.
Tariq & Suleman have to go.
• I/You/She will have to…
I will have to go
You will have to go
She will have to go
• Be about to…
She is about to go
He is about to go
They are about to go
I am about to go
• Be going to…
He is going to go
She is going to go
They are going to go
We are going to go
• Be want to…
He is wanting to go
• Be want somebody to…
My father is wanting in patience.
• You/We/They/Students are supposed to…You are supposed to go
We are supposed to come
they are supposed to work at home
Students are supposed to to leave.
He is supposed to visit
She is supposed to drive a car
Ali is supposed to give exam
Salman is supposed to come back
• I/She/We had to…
I had to go
She had to go
They had to go
We had to go
• I/You/She/Ali must…
I must work hard
you must work hard
she must go there
• We/She/Ali should…
we should go to picnic
she should work hard
Ali should go home now
• She/I had better…
She had better go
I had better work
• Did you/she/Ali…?
did you go there?
did she go home?
did ali come early?
• Do you/we/they/your friends…?
do you like him?
do we eat biryani?
Positive, Comparative and Superlative Adjectives List
• Does she/he/Ali/your friend…?
does she go to school?
does he like me?
• Will you/we/they/your friends…?
will you go there?
will we work hard?
• Can you/we/your friends…?
can you bring the glass of water?
• Can’t you/she/your friends…?
can’t you see me?
• How can you/she/they…?
how can you help me?
• Is it important to…?
Is it important to go late?
Is it important to work hard?
• It is not difficult to…
It is not difficult to go there
It is not difficult to drive a car
• I like to…
I like to go school
I like to read stories
• I would like to…
I would like to take tea
I would like to
• Should you/she/we/they…?
should you smoke fag? because it is not good for you
• Won’t you/she/they…?
won’t you go there?
• Can’t you/she/they…?
can’t you work here?
• Why should they/she/he…?
why should they leave?
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