Simple and Easy English Sentences In Urdu ! Hindi

here are some simple and easy English Basic Sentences In urdu and hindi By sir tariq lesson 24

How many flowers are they? Wooh kitne phool hai
How much rice are they? Wooh kitne k chawal hai / wooh kis tarha k chawal hai
Are you sure? Kiya tumhey yaqeen hai?
What are you afraid of? Tum kis cheaz se dar rahe ho

Kis se tum dar rahe ho

It’s in the sky.

It’s near my home

It’s on the sea

It’s on the left of TV

Yeh asmaan mein hai

Yeh mere gher k kareeb hai

Yeh samandar per hai

Yeh tv k ulti side per hai

On the right Sidhey hath per
behind her Us k pichey
in front of TV Tv k agay
by desk Maiz ki taraf se
beside her Us k saath
Under the tree Darakh k nichey
on the table Table k upper
in the room Kamre k andar
The car is near the tree Care darkht k kareeb hai
Your hat looks very nice Tumhri topi achi lagti hai

Tumhri topi achi lag rahi hai

Two golden phrases for good relations ‘’never trust the doubted one  & Never doubted the trust one ‘’


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Effective English Sentences Lesson Twenty One In Urdu

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