Sleeping Beauty & her best friend Written By Tariq

Sleeping Beauty & Her Best Friend Written By Tariq~Story In English With Urdu! Hindi Translation

sleeping beauty & her best friend
sleeping beauty & her best friend

I saw her first time.
When she was grinning.
She was wearing hijab
her eyes were wet (it’s my thinking)

Written By Tariq
She looked gorgeous
for me she was the most adorable girl in the world

Written By Tariq
I thought she will become my friend, life Partner & Wife
I thought I don’t need
anyone except her

Written By Tariq
I got her number
I texted her
“I want to be your friend”
No reply

Written By Tariq
‘We can just be friends.’
‘Don’t get me wrong.’
I am not that type of boy
Please answer me

Written By Tariq
firstly, she ignored me.she was angry.she texted me “don’t you have mother & sister”don’t text me again……..

Written By Tariq
I texted her again ‘try to understand i just wanna talk to you.. how did you dare to text me again she replied

Written By Tariq
I texted her again ‘i like you as a friend and i want to be just freind ..(i heard somewhere friendship is the first step of

Written By Tariq
I Pray to Allah Please Allah Change her heart for me. i want to be her friend.. plz change her heart plz plz plz

Written By Tariq
I kept texting her and Allah answered my prayers
she accepted my friendship
i cannot express my feeling

Written By Tariq
i cannot tell you how much happy was i? we were in the same class we talked about studies, life problems, habit
like dislike etc

Written By Tariq
We became best friends and
i was thinking to purpose her
but i was scared to lose her..
then One day she requsted me…

Written By Tariq
first promise me you will keep my secret .. i promised, i will..AD i love salu and i cannot live without him.
i will die if he leaves me

Written By Tariq
my eyes were freezing..I was in a state of shock…I was feeling heavy inside and wanted to cry loudly but tears were not falling from the eyes…i donno how did i come back home

Written By Tariq
I had been fever for two days
When I Overcame Emotional Pain
i saw 30 message
she worried about me
i told her i was ill

Written By Tariq
after few days we were talking about that guy i asked his name
she replied his name is salman
i knew him he was smart, good looking, but i hated him i didn’t like him and i was getting jealous

i told her he is not serious with you and he is not a good boy trust me. she replied A.D “i trust him, i don’t care he is good or bad”
i will only marry him and Inshallah nobody will stop me

i had no choice i told her “i don’t agree with you.. i am sure he will leave you and i am not your friend from now you have to choose between your friend or boyfriend..” why are you doing this A.D

Written By Tariq
She was crying and she said ‘You are my best friend you know how much do i love you’
i said but you don’t love me more than your boyfriend and dont tell a lie i am your friend’

if you are my friend then leave salman and if you are not my friend leave me alone forever
she said ‘You are not my A.D because my a.d is not selfish’

this is our last meeting we will not meet again goodbye forever ‘maha’ I said
i got hurt coz she chose her boyfriend. i blocked her number, deleted her email address

Written By Tariq
I didn’t want to live in karachi anymore i went to lahore for job
i got busy myself i didn’t want to remember her i broke my friendship because she couldn’t be mine

i forgot my family and friends
i made myself machine… one day
i saw a dream she was calling me
A.D Where are you , i am missing
you please come back i am dying

i got up and pray for her
ALLAH please make her happy…
i wanna see her happy… i ignored my dreams…
two years Later

Written By Tariq
I came back to karachi to attend my sister’s engagement
I met my classmates
gulab khan were talking about our
class fellows suddenly he asked me

Written By Tariq
Do you remember the most beautiful girl in our class
No, i don’t remember (I told a lie)
i am talking about ‘maha’
abdullah, she’s gone mad

Written By Tariq
what do you mean? i said
she’s completely insane
Are you in your senses? i shouted
what’s wrong with you abdullah’ he said..i tried to control my emotion

how did it happen?
She loved someone he betrayed her…when i saw her she was screaming… she did not recognize her parents..

Written By Tariq
her parents asking me about her friends but i never saw her with anyone.. he has been suffering for one year… are you listening to me? yes, i am…

I went to the hospital i saw her today her eyes were sad and she was talking to herself…..when i closed to her.. she saw me just like a stranger. she did not recognize me

Written By Tariq
i heard her voice she was telling “ABDULLAH you were only my friend.. where are you… i told salman
you are just angry you will come back soon i am missing my friend

salman he was just my friend
i love him like a friend
i love you salman
don’t gooooooooooooo
she was screaming and shouted

Written By Tariq
i went back to home i cannot see her like this…next day i met salman and i punch on his face and said what did you do to my friend….i will kill you i will kill

i thought she will be happy with you i left her because she loved you..i was crying and saying how did you do this to her.. she was very innocent girl… she loved you salman

Maha did not love me A.D.. she was always talking about you all the time.. how could i tolerate this. a.d like this… a.d like that. you were everything for her….

she always told me ‘a.d will come soon and i will give feast…’ she left me because of you A.d i hated you a.d’ salman said
whattttttttt i replied

yes that’s true one day she came to me and said ‘i am sorry i don’t love you’ i shocked and she left me without any reason then i heard she is gone mad

trust me i am telling the truth…
i went back to home and i was thinking about her… what was i missing… now i knew next day
i went to hospital i sat in front of her

maha why are you doing this…
she was screaming…………
i said stop doing this
you are fooling them…
you are hurting your parents

i know you are not mad
you are completely alright
i knew when i saw you
you are a good actor
why are you doing this? why?

how did you know that i am acting
i smiled then i said ‘i can tell you but if you tell me why are you doing this’ okay deal she said
did you remember when i came to see you in hospital I said

Written By Tariq
you told ‘abdullah’ and maha you called me abdullah when you annoyed with me and you always called me ‘A.d’ and sorry to say
you are acting weird

now it is your turn…
what’s wrong with you…
why did you need to act like this
she looked into my eyes
i was acting because of you

You were only my friend..
you were my hero..
You were my first love
i believed in you. if everyone could leave me but you can’t

you did not tell me that you loved me… and that is your love.. you left me when i need you…
Everyday i waited for you…whenever i talked to
salman i missed you

i felt i am dying
i left salman because i was thinking about you all the day
i realised it was attraction not
love because i love my a.d

then my parents were searching someone for me… they are forcing me to get married and i started my acting i was sitting under the three then i took two
sleeping pills

i started screaming then i fainted and people were saying “jin ka saaya hai” and she is gone mad…
i did because i knew one day you will come and i will be your wife

we told the whole story to our parents first they were angry then they agree and we got married
maha is now my wife but we are still friends >>>>>>>>>>The End

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