How to Speak English Easily – English Basic Lesson For Kids

In the memory of my Son Muzammil


fifty eight by tariq

Died 10 April 2016 Sunday

How to Speak English Easily – English Basic Lesson Fifty Eight for kids


پھر  ملیں   گے

See you again


مبارک باد



سفر مبارک

A pleasant journey.


نیک   خواہشات

Best wishes


جتنی  جلدی  ممکن  ہو سکے

As quickly  as possible.


بالکل  ٹھیک



یہ  بالکل  ٹھیک ہے

It is all right.


مجھے بہت افسوس ہے

I am very sorry.


مجھے معاف کیجیے

Pardon me.


گستاخی معاف

Excuse me.


براۓ مھربانی



آپ کا شکریہ

Thank you.


If you see goodness in someone then explain it to others …
If you see a bad thing in someone, there comes the test of your goodness


My Favorite poem “Enough Mom, I got tired”

How to Speak English Easily video tutorial.

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