Spoken English Sentences for everyday Lesson 38

Lesson 38: English Sentences in Urdu


You are getting shy, aren’t you



I am rather shy main Sharmila ho

He is a very unsure young man

Simple / Uncomplicated / elementary Asaaan

It is very uncomplicated

It is quite simple

Optimist Khush umeed/ pur umeed / ba umeed

He is an optimist

Pessimist (naa umeed /mayoos) he is an optimist and I’m a pessimist.

Don’t be Pessimist

I am Pessimist

I feel sleepy

I feel hungry

I feel thirsty

I feel giddy

I feel tired / I am tired

I feel shy

Majhey neend a rahi hai

Majhey bhook lagi hai

Majhey piyaas lagi hai

Majhey chakar a rahe hai

Majhey thakawat mehsoos ho rahi hai

Majhey sharam a rahi hai


My friend is adamant

Ziddi /arhyial/bad demagh

Mera dost ziddi hai

May ALLAH help you ALLAH tumhri madad karey
I need a favor Majhey thori madad chahye

Majhey madad ki zarrort hai

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If people are typing to pull You down … be proud about, Because it only confirms that you Are above them!


if you sleep on flower, it is 1st night and if flower sleep on you, it is last night  (scary but true)

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