How To Use State Verb In Basic Sentences

Lesson Forty Nine How To Use State Verb In Basic Sentences By Tariq Aziz

I’m enthusiastic.

( main Josheela hoo)

I’m not enthusiastic.

( main Josheela  nehi hoo)

Am I enthusiastic?

( kiya main Josheela hoo)

Aren’t I enthusiastic?

( kiya main Josheela  nehi hoo)



I am ill.         

main bemar hoo

I am/ I’m not ill.

main bemar nehi hoo

Am I ill?

kiyaa main bemar hoo

Am I not/Aren’t I ill?

kiya main bemar nehi hoo


She is ill.

(wooh bemar hai)

She is not/isn’t ill.

(wooh bemar nehi hai)

Is she ill?

(kiya woh bemar hai)

Isn’t she ill?

(kiya woh bemar nehi hai)


We are ready.      

(hum tayar hai)

We aren’t ready.

(hum tayar nehi hai)

Are we ready?

(kiya hum tayar hai)

Aren’t we ready?

(kiya hum tayar nehi hai)


She is late.               

(usey deer hui)

She isn’t late.

(usey deer nehi hui)

Is she late?

(kiya usey deer hui)

Isn’t she late?

(kiya usey deer nehi hui)


The cake is fresh.

cake taza hai

The cake isn’t fresh.

cake taza  nehi hai

Is the cake fresh?

kiya cake taza hai

Isn’t the cake fresh?

kiya cake taza nehi hai


Water is cold.

paani thanda hai

Water isn’t cold.

paani thanda nehi hai

Is water cold?

kiya paani thanda hai

Isn’t water cold?

kiya paani thanda nehi hai


Food is stale. 

khana basi hai

Food isn’t stale.

khana basi nehi hai

Is food stale?

kiya khana basi hai

Isn’t food stale?

kiya khana basi nehi hai


The child is stubborn.  

bacha Ziddi hai

The child isn’t stubborn.

bacha ziddi nehi hai

Is the child stubborn?

kiya bacha Ziddi hai

Isn’t the child stubborn?

kiya bacha Ziddi nehi hai


She is suspicious.

wooh Shakkee hai

She isn’t suspicious.

wooh Shakkee nehi hai

Is she suspicious?

kiya wooh Shakkee hai

Isn’t she suspicious?

kiya wooh Shakkee nehi hai


Tariq is cheeky.

Tariq Battameez hai

Tariq isn’t cheeky.

Tariq Battameez nehi hai

Is Tariq cheeky?

kiya Tariq Battameez hai

Isn’t Tariq cheeky?

kiya Tariq Battameez nehi hai


They are amazed.         

wooh hiraan/surprised haii

They aren’t amazed.

wooh hiraan/surprised nehi haii

Are they amazed?

kiya wooh hiraan/surprised haii

Aren’t they amazed?

kiya wooh hiraan/surprised nehi haii


The chair is broken.   

(korsitooti hai)

The chair isn’t broken.

(korsi tooti nehi hai)

Is The chair broken?

(kiya korsi tooti hai)

Isn’t The chair broken?

(kiya korsi tooti nehi hai)


Shops are closed.

dukaaney band haii

Shops aren’t closed.

dukaaney band nehi haii

Are shops closed?

kiya dukaaney band haii

Aren’t shops closed?

kiya dukaaney band nehi haii


I’m disturbed.

main pershan  hoon

I’m not disturbed.

main pershan  nehi hoon

Am I disturbed?

kiya main pershan  hoon

Aren’t I disturbed?

kiya main pershan nehi hoon


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