Still waiting for my aha moment

Still waiting for my aha moment!

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Lewis Davies | 21:15 UK time, Sunday, 19 September 2010 

Hi Dommi,

I’ve been racking my brains trying to think of a clever title for my blog today, but I’ve drawn a blank so far. You know when you try to hard to think of something and it just won’t come to you? Don’t you just hate that? I’m sure I’ll be brushing my teeth later and I’ll have an ‘aha!’ moment, but by then I’ll have shut down my laptop and it’ll be too late.

Anyway, I found your blog really fascinating today and it made me reflect on the groups in society that I belong to (or don’t).

You are right to say that almost all of the readers asked the same question, so thanks for setting us straight in your post. When you say that there are many traditional practitioners of sorcery, do you mean there is one in every village? Or more than that? And how do they use ‘natural forces’ in their work? It all sounds very mysterious.

When you say that we may rightly guess that solving one person’s problems may have a detrimental effect on someone else, is it common using these methods for harm to be caused to another person to gain benefit for yourself? I think, as unfortunate as it is, that in many cultures it is common to believe that unexplainable differences in people are the root of their own problems. I guess it is an easy way to deflect blame from something else. I wonder if it is human nature to look to others for blame when we suffer bad luck in our own lives?

So you wish you had taken a cooking course to become a chef? Well, you have time on your side so never give up on the dream. A friend of mine quit her successful business career at the age of 31 to set up her own cooking school and catering business, and she has never looked back.

Like you I couldn’t care less about about someone’s cultural background or where they are from. That way you will never truly learn about the world we live in – just your little corner of it. This blog is a great way to get to know people from all over the world and see through to their heart. I think you’ve opened your heart to us Dommi, and we are all the richer for it.

Which group do I belong to? Hmmm…that’s not easy to answer. I certainly don’t belong to any groups that are based on excluding others. We all belong to different groups: family, friends, work, hobbies and so on. My young family is the group I am more focused on at the moment as you can imagine

As you know it was Japan Matsuri yesterday and we had a brilliant time at the festival in London. I’ll tell you all about it and upload some pics very soon!


Useful phrases:
(to) rack your brains (for something)
(to) draw a blank
(to have) an aha moment
(to) set someone straight (about something)
(to have) a detrimental effect (on something/someone)
(to) have time on your side
(to) never look back (on the past)
“I couldn’t care less”

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