Story A Beautiful Black Girl ~ Khoobsort By Tariq

Story A Beautiful Black Girl Written By Tariq Aziz~ Urdu Title Khoobsort By Tariq Aziz

Beautiful – A Black Girl

Chapter One
They got a baby after ten years and they called her beautiful “khoobsorat” but her name is not matched by her personality because she was born as black.
Her friends always laughed at her and taunted her.
She wanted to be a normal life but she never got it. In college life students bullied her. When she got home she yelled at her mother and she broke everything in her room
She had two friends one was anni and second was mahi. Both were smart, white and beautiful.
Anni and mahi had a boyfriends and they always talked about their boyfriends
She was in the middle of them and mahi was telling today we are going on long drive and you know khoobsorat we are going on bike and anni said wow that’s wonderful that will be a romantic journey but khoobsort was getting inferiority complex. And she said to her friends I forgot my mom said to come home early okay anni and mahi bye see ya tomorrow. When she went far away and they both laughed and anni said “you burn her up” and both laughed hehehehehehehehh
When she got home she closed her door and she was crying & praying “why did you make me like this GOD” Why did you do this to me “You don’t love me GOD” if you love me God please give me a beautiful white boyfriend” “he will love me so much, he will die for me” please accept my prayers
Next day she thought god had answer her prayer
She was in cafeteria alone when she got message,
“Hi when I saw you the first time I got freeze, i love your eyes and smile you are really beautiful and I am not telling a lie I just want to be your friend”
She replied
“You have got to be kidding I am not stupid as you think and I know I am not beautiful so be off”
She got message after 10 minutes
“I am telling the truth and I know you are innocent if you do not believe it’s okay take your time”
She did not reply
Next day she got a message
“Today your hair style is pretty cool and you are looking so beautiful and in my opinion if you wear blue dress you will look so beautiful”
She replied thank you
Next day she wore blue suit and her two friend anni and mahi looked surprise and said today you are looking different with new hair style and new blue expensive dress
She said yes because my boyfriend gifted me and he took me to an ice cream shop yesterday and purpose me
Anni and Mahi said in one voice “really” but we cannot believe you have got a boyfriend
Seriously we spend a quality time together and he loved me and I loved him
Now I had to go, rameez because he will be waiting for me bye
Anni and mahi look each other and laugh together she is telling a lie to us and she did not know that we are rameez hhehehehehehehehe and we use voice changer , let’s play game

Next day rameez said to khoobsorat we have not seen each other yet let’s meet at MacDonald at 4:30 pm but you must wear blue dress and I wear black three piece suit and I will have red rose in my hand
Khoobsort went to MacDonald at 3:45 pm because she was dying to meet him and it is her first date and that is also a blind date she was nervous she was waiting and waiting, clocks says it’s 6 pm
Anni and mahi came to MacDonald to eat burger and they saw khoobsort.. what a pleasant surprise. You are here alone why don’t come with us and eat something.. Are you waiting for someone or somebody is coming.. okay no problem we are here to pick some burger bye
Khoobsort sat 6 hourse in MacDonald, she text him and called him there is no response finally she went to home sadly..
Next day she did not go to university she had headache and she took rest all day in bad
Next day she put a smile on her face and went to university she met anni and mahi they sat together. mahi ask who is your boyfriend, is he smart and rich?
Khoobsort said yes he is mart and rich
Mahi said is he from our university
K : No he is not from our university
Mahi is he blind? Have you checked his eyes?
Khoobsort : yes he is blind in my love and you know love is blind and you know he wrote a beautiful and romantic poetry for me listen
You are the most beautiful person in my life
I like the way you talk
I like your smile
I want to die in your deep eyes
He wrote these lines for me now bye sorry friends; I have to go for lunch with him
When she left Anni said angrily she is telling a lie with us mahi, I will teach her a lesson and she will never forget that
Khoobsort got a call from rameez after three days he said I am really really sorry my father got a heart attack that’s why I did not come but I need your help please come with your classmate or friends because my father need a blood. Can you come with your friends please? When she was writing a hospital addresses she did not notice the hospital name because she was worried about his father.

Khoobsort call his all classmate to donate blood and come with her
She went to hospital with her classmates and call rameez where are you , he did not reply and his call phone is off now all his classmate waiting for her to donate their blood but there is no energy in that hospital one of his friend what happen with his father , she replied he got a heart attacked one of his classmate said are you stupid this hospital is for handicap patient not for heart attacked patient
Anni said is your boyfriend real or you making your own story you wasted our time and somebody made you fool and one of his classmate said can you show his picture or id card or addresss
She said I never met him we just talked on phone or sms
The whole class said whatttttttttttttttttttt?
She felt embarrass
She went home and she cried and promised herself she will never trust anyone in her life
Next day somebody send the whole in whatsapp group and everyone knew. the whole university knew the story and everyone was talking about her
How stupid was she? What’s a big liar? What a pity?
Chapter two
Aftab Surma wala was milliner and he had only one son Usman Surma Wala he was 25 years old, beautiful smart and handsome. He had everything like girls. Friends, money etc.
Aftab surma wala was telling a story about his past life he was poor and I sold surma in 5c bus. I struggled and in the end I got everything but I earned by myself without any help
We are not only father and son but we are also friends so my question is : What did you do in your life?
I want you to earn your place without any help and for this you need to live like a poor people and earn and make your own name and place like your father did
What do you think my son?
But one condition I will not use surma with my name I hate this name because people laugh at me
I use this name because I want to remember my past
Usman surma wala was in deep thinking and said where to start and what to do
In my opoinion you should use our old home but you have to pay your rent electricity bill and university fees and try to find a job first
But If I win what will you give me in return
I will give your favorite car and that will import from japan
But do not use your credit, debit and ATM card
Trust me dad I will make my own name and place and ready my brand new car because I will win.
He is appointed as a clerk in his dad office for part time only two hour for data entry work 3 to 5
He got a job as a waiter in Shaheen Shinwari Restaurantfrom 7 to 11
He got admission in university and this university was private and expense. This is one the top university in the city only rich people can take admission there but he got a scholar ship.
First day he went to university by bicycle, he is beautiful but his clothes are showing he is from low middle class family, he parked his bicycle.
When he wanted to enter in the class suddenly three boys and two girls came near to him and welcome him
One of them ask him
Is this your first day in university
Usman : yes it is my first day
You looked like a poor then how you did you get admission here
Usman: I got admission from scholar ship
Anni whisper to his friend and he said
If you really want to take class then you have to do something first
Go there and purpose that girl if you do this you can take class otherwise you can’t
He went near to girl and saw her then he smiled because he had a huge experience

Hi I am usman and I am new here
She said nothing
Can I sit here?
She said nothing
When a girl say nothing it means yes
She looked at him angrily but said nothing
I know I am extremely beautiful but don’t look at me like this I am getting shy
But you are little bit beautiful but not beautiful as I am
Khoobsort: Do I look stupid?
Usman: No you really intelligent just like me and I just want to talk to you because you look so innocent
Khoobsort: Stop flirting and get lost
First time he got insulted by a girl and he got angry and said
You are terrific ugly black cat I am here because seniors gave me a task to purpose you
Otherwise I did not want to talk to you horrible ugly cat
He went back to seniors and said everything had happen to him and they laughed
Khoobsort was getting angry she wanted to beat him but he had gone
How did he dare to call me ugly black cat and I will show him who am i? She was planning to take revenge
She got an idea.. she was in her car and waiting for him when he was going back to home
She hit her bicycle and he fall down people gather around him someone asked him are you okay?
She got off the car and said oh sorry I can pay you how much do you need to repair your bicycle poor little boy
Here you are five thousand one, five thousand two, five thousand three and five thousand four
She put twenty thousand in his front pocket and took this card if you need more money you can call my dad’s no and bye and he was trying to control his anger and said to himself I will teach you a lesson ugly cat
Next day he went to university by bus when he enter in university she came close to him and said
What a pity and where is your poor bicycle?
He said nothing and went to his class after two periods he came out from class searching for a particular car and he found that car he took out a nail from his pocket and put into a tier then one by one he did the same with reaming tiers and went back to his class
After taking all classes he went very slowly and stop near khoobsort
What happened ugly cat? Oh how will you go home? If you don’t mind can I took you to your home by bus or you can go on foot
Oh I remember poor little rich girl I thought you don’t have money right now let me give you some money here you are five thousand for one tier , five thousand for 2 tier , five thousand for third tire and five thousand for forth tier
khoobsort got angry and said that you had done this ugly monkey
Then prove it and if you don’t have any witness then shut your ugly mouth my dear ugly cat
She called her home and brings another car
From that day they hate each other and fight badly
From that day if something bad happen to usman he thinks she did this
And if something bad happen to khoobsort she thinks he did this
The whole university calls them Tom and Jerry and people also forget the rameez incident because they have gassop about cat and mouse fight

Chapter Three
Next Day Khoobsort was Distributing a newspaper at free of cost and students took and read newspaper then Laugh. Usman Was curious to know what was inside the newspaper. When he knew he got angry because in newspaper there is a picture of ugly monkey
this monkey name is Usman the wild monkey if you see him please call on this no 0302-2282940
Next day usman was Distributing pamphlet and everyone was laughing because there is picture of ugly black cat
This cat name is khoobsort the black cat, she is really dangerous If you found her don’t go near just call us on this no 0343-3498272
Next day khoobsort came with a driver and when usman enter from the gate then khoobsort order his driver to bring something from trunk
When usman came close he saw a real monkey who is dancing and then he heard usman the wild monkey now sit down, standup, usman go and take money from everyone
Do you know he is special monkey and he can understand English and urdu
Khoobsort come close to usman and said “this time use your own trick” if you think you can bring a cat then it means you don’t have brain you are just a cheater because you always copied my tricks best of luck wild monkey
Usman was looking at her angrily and he went out from university he did not take any class
He was thinking she is witch and I cannot beat her why don’t I make her friend and then take my revenge
Next day he went to her and said “ I am sorry what I did to you” you are smart and I cannot beat you so forget everything and let’s be friend
She smiles and says sorry I can give you money if you need but I cannot be your friend because poor people always wanted a rich girl then got married and in this way they get rich so try this trick to another girl.
And one more thing I have a high standered when you will be on my equal then send a request then I will think about your friendship
First He liked that girl’s attitude because she is just like him.
He called his friend I need all information about this girl
What she like what she hate and every incident happen to her
At night his friend came to him
Her name is Khoobsort
She hate her name and colour of her face
She had two friend one is anni and 2nd is mahi and both are selfish
3 month ago she fall in love with someone without seen him just like blind date
But nobody knows him even khoobsort had never seen him
Only one number we have and we can trace if you wish and we can listen and read messages
Trace that no and find who is that guy
Next day he came to khoobsort
I heard your love story and if I tell you about rameez who is he and where is he from?
What will you give me in return?
I will give you anything just tell me who is he?
But you said you don’t make poor friends. I just want to be your friend and you will never call me wild monkey
But how can I believe you that you are telling the truth about rameez and that person is really rameez
If I told a lie then give me punishment whatever you want
If I tell the truth then you will never fight with me , you will be my friend and don’t call me wild monkey
K: Done
U: Is this rameez no
K: Yes
U: This sim belongs to anni
Yes and if you don’t believe let me show all audio call and recording
Anni is telling mahi do not forget to come at macdole at 5 30 because if we go early she can suspect us
Anni and mahi played this game with you
I have one doubt I am rich and I did not get these audio and all messages how you got them
That’s a secrete
Now we are friends
But remember I am a rich girl and you are a poor boy, it is my generosity that I am making you friend and you are not as bad as I think
Thank you so much rich girl and now I believe you are not as good as I think
Whatttttttt she hit him by his purse
So what is your plan? How did you teach them a lesson?
I have an evil plan and she tells everything to usman about her plan
I have no doubt you are really witch
Whatt… you made me a witch get lost and don’t show me your face again
Think about your decision again because if I go from here and I will tell the whole plan to anni and mahi
Can I go and I am going…………….
Stop usman the wild monkey
What did you say ugly black cat
Next day khoobsort brought a pizza for them
Wow pizza for us they ate pizza then they felt ill
Khoobsort smiled and said you have only ten minutes after that you will get bellyache then you both started lose motion and there is no toilet here and if you run or go by car you will not reach home in ten minutes but I have a medicine to stop it but in one condition
Tell me the truth about rameez and why did you make me friend
Okay mahi said I did not do anything to you
We just made you friend because everyone looked at us two beautiful girl with one black ugly girl we thought it will increase our value and attention
Then anni said we hate you because everyone looked at you not us and we want to embarrass you because you always looked happy even you didn’t have boyfriend and friends that’s why we got jealous and we made a rameez character for you.
We know your weakness and we use voice changer that made you fool and everyone will laugh at you for years but next day usman took admission here and he fight with you and everyone forgot rameez
Now give us medicine
Sorry I never forgive liar and enemies then they ran home quickly
khoobsort said to usman “did you record everything” usman came from the corner and said “yes all recorded” she said then upload on youtube and send university whatsapp group
but I am feeling pity on them because they both are really beautiful why didn’t you tell them it’s nothing just bellyache and nothing will happen to them
Keep your mouth shut wild monkey otherwise I can make another evil plan for you
Usman said to himself witch always witch

Chapter 04
Next day they viral that video on youtube facebook and university whatsapp group, everyone laughed at anni and mahi
In few days they knew each other
They go everywhere together
They sometime take lunch together
They liked each other and enjoy each other company
They love each other but they both EGO Problem that’s they never talked about their feeling
Khoobsort told her dream that she wanted to be a working women
Umsan also told his dream to become famous and rich.
Khoobsort laughed at him I thought you watched many movies
In reality it cannot be happen because it is impossible to be rich and famous now a days
But He did not say anything
one day usman came to khobsort and told her about his project and he also offer her to join as a partner. He expected she will join and they will work together and soon he will purpose her but
she is the daughter of business man She rejected the project because it is non-profitable, there is benefit and money and usman did not force her to help. But he got hurt.
usman left shaheen shinwari job and took some loan from his childhood friend. he took a place on rent and name that place umsan skill developer foundation
It is a donation base foundation first he started computer courses for poor people at free of cost
After three month he started O AND A level education at free of cost
Every month he paid staff salary, building rent , electricity bill, and etc. but one year left no one contribute or donate money in his foundation, he was working hard but expenses are unlimited and loan has finally finished
He was thinking about his project all the time, he was getting ill day by day because he was worried about his foundation if he don’t get investor or donor he will have to close that foundation
He requested all his friends, colleague, class fellows and announce in university but nobody care about his project or foundation
He started offering prayers because every door is closed for him
He pray to god help me I don’t want to be famous and rich anymore I just want to help poor people
help me GOD
Next Day he got disappointed because he got a notice to leave a place in 30 days
He announced to all staff and students we will shut down this place in 30 days now you are free and you can apply anywhere and teachers this was your last salary here after 30 days
Now you all are free to apply any where
Next day he went to university after 2 weeks he was in frustration that’s he has been ignoring khoobsort for 2 months
Khoobsort looked at him angrily
You think you are too smart and you can make me fool
If you think you made me friend then you can make me blackmail and I will give you money
I understand you made me friend just for money
When I told you that i will not take part in your project
Your attitude changed and you have been ignoring me and pretend to be a friend but you are not.
Usman : Yes that’s true I made you friend just for money and for my project because I have a dream to be famous and rich like you guys and I can do anything for money.
Khoobsort :Poor people are always selfish and that’s your reality and you did this for money
She took out a cheque book from his purse and write 10 million cheque and and said I liked you, I trusted you but you broke my heart. She was dying to cry but she didn’t want to show him her tears. She said take this ten million cheque and never show me your face again you greedy poor monkey. She said to herself slowly I hate you wild monkey
Usman He took a cheque and tear it and said I am not a beggar and if you were still my friend I could take your cheque but you are not my friend anymore

Chapter 5
He got angry when He came home and he got a call.
Dad : are you taking drugs or doing gambling tell me the truth
Usman: Dad why are you saying like this you know me
Then why did you take 10 million loan from your friend and one year left and you did not return your loan
Sorry dad I invest that money in my foundation but I failed
I am a loser dad nobody helped me even my childhood friends
He was crying and told everything to his father and now I have got tired and I hate rich people I hate all rich people
I am also rich so it means you also hate me
I did not mean that you are my hero dad
Listen son if you have money everyone is your friend if you don’t have money then you will have nobody and everyone will avoid you that’s a reality
You just got disappoint in one year you are usman surma wala and we should never give up
Let me give you hint
Rich people or business man always see their profit or benefit first
They all have one weakness they just want to show off
If you think like poor you will never get success
Think like rich and show them who you are without using my name
You just need to make them greedy
Tomorrow newspaper there will be a news aftab surma wala donate 10 million to usman skill developer foundation
You mean I should tell a lie and show off
Yes I just gave you a hint it is your choice to do
bye the way I am paying 10 million to your friend but give me this money when you get rich
thank you dad
he took his branded clothes branded watch branded glass branded shoes and a new branded car because he cannot use money but he can use his goods
Next day he went to university everyone was shocked how did he get expensive car, clothes glasses and watch the whole university stare at him
khoobsort said “where did you steal this dress , these shoes and this car”
oh I forgot to tell you aftab surma wala is now my business partner and he invested a huge amount in my foundation
if you don’t believe then read today newspaper now
Khoobsort said when a poor people get money they showed off like you monkey
I don’t mind but I know you are jealous from my progress
And you know when you get jealous you look pretty and beautiful my dear black cat and if you need money you can call me anytime I can give you money as a friend
And I have one question by the way how much money do I need to marry you
I am just asking because when I get rich I will marry you and make you my servant and take my revenge remember this
Only Imagine you are pooling my shoes, cooking meal for me and a rich girl is pressing my clothes hahahah how beautiful is it?
Are you daydreaming? What a joke
Bye darling enjoy your life because sooner you will be my prisoner
She got angry and walked out
In the evening he received a phone call from salayani welfare truth our owner wants to talk to you mr usman We wanted to contributed in your foundation because you are doing great job but our name will not be shown in public and we have 170 department if you want to learn how they work you can visit anytime and give us your company bank account we will transfer 50 lac to your company account
But you didn’t know me and you giving me without any hesitation
Listen aftab is my friend when he send to you 10 million it means you have something special and I call aftab and he said you are like his son and he trusted in you and your foundation. it is enough for me
Thank you so much
He received call from JR Company Top exporting company in Pakistan
They said we give you 7 million cheaque and one picture with poor students with our company logo
Of course you can
Then usman skill developer foundation become a brand for companies
Usman made job provider department
He offers to jobless people: If you need job come here we will give our grantee and reference to companies
He offered to companies: If any person will do anything we will be responsible and we will pay your losses
Then he started giving food to poor 3 time in a day it was difficult but he took salayani help
In three years he made his name and he became famous
Khoobsort taking care and running his father business
Usman enter in his office and went to her office
Hi black cat how are you and she looked him with angry eyes
You still hated me I thought we were friends
I don’t want to talk to you get lost
You will regret this time
Securities take him out from my office
Okay okay I am going…..
He went to his dad told I want to marry khoobsort and told everything
In my experience she did not like you and she has a inferiority complex and if you marry her then your half year go in fighting and half in crying
Think about this son
Dad I love her and when she fight with me I felt relax but she hated me
First tell her about yourself and get her trust
Okay dad
Next day he wanted to go to her office but security didn’t allow him
I hate her attitude and
He called her I want to talk to you please let me in
Khoobsort sorry I am busy and take appointment then come
Usman : I will see you black cat
He called his friend I need your help again give me all information about her. when she go. when she come and where she will be available
When he walking in the park after dinner he came in front of her
Do you know you are the cruelest girl in the world?
Your heart is also black like your face
Is there anything else you want to say?
Yes I love you seriously
I knew it
Then why are you doing this to me
It’s my life and my decision
I can do anything for you just come in my life
Yes anything
One takes me to America and makes my face surgery because I want to be beautiful
2nd In Future You Will never talk about my black face, every day take me to shopping mall, buy a dimand ring for me, a lot of jewelries, I will not polish your shoes and hired 20 female servent only for me
and write these all my condition in stamp paper and sign on it then I will marry you

Usman : whatttttttttttttttt are you crazy?

Usman: do you know who am I? I am usman surma wala the only son of aftab surma wala and you are treating me like your servant.
Usmaan: Wait you are not surprised that I am multi-millionaire
Khoobsort: Because I knew it
Usman: but how?
When you break my friendship and tear my 10 million cheque and next day you you wear expensive dress and driving expensive car then I took all information from university office just gave 5000 to pion and got everything about you
But why don’t you love me
Who said I don’t love you but first give me respect I knew you will make me your servent after getting married
Stupid girl I was just teasing you and Seriously will you marry me and after marry I promise I will make and keep you like my princess
Prince Usman and Princes Khoobsort
But only two condition
One takes me to America and makes my face surgery because I want to be beautiful
And in future you never talk about my black face, every day take me to shopping mall, buy a dimand ring for me, a lot of jewelries, I will not polish your shoes and hired 20 servent only for me
One condition is not accepted because I like your black face and if you will have white face what attitude will you have I cannot imagine
Khoobsort do you really love me?
I love you from the day first when you purpose me and save me from anni and mahi
But I show my anger because I knew you will never love me and when I knew you are millionaire I thought it is impossible to get you
So tomorrow I am coming with my father but first sign my conditions
Okay witch Then they got getting married
In Valima they were fighting all people were shocked
One of his friend ask what happen usman said I just told her if we will have black baby we will name her badsort and it look beautiful “khoobsort ki beti badsort” waooo
Maa ka naam khoobsort aur beti ka naam badsort
Only GOD can save usman From khoobsort
The End
Thanks for Watching
If You Like This Story Pray For My Parents
Tariq Aziz

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