Short Story The Enchanting Cascade

The Enchanting Cascade
By Amna Fayyaz, Bahawalpur
Stacey had been trapped in a dreadful abyss for four years. She had been looking for her horizon of life since she became deaf. Four years ago, when she was fourteen years old, a serious ear infection ended her up with hearing loss and made her whole life wobble off its axis. She wanted to be cured but she didn’t pin her hopes on the fantasy of getting her hearing ability back. Many people took advantage of her disability and stacey remained ignorant of all this. One day, when she was feeling weary of her dull routine, she went to admire the breath- taking view of a beautiful cascade on a river. She saw pictures of that river on the internet few days ago and yearned to go there. She thought that a change of scenery might revive her spirits. It took her six hours to reach there. She say on the rocks and stared dreamily at the enchanting cascade. She was enraptured by the beautiful environment. A cool breeze was blowing her hair. The serene ambience kept her mind from dismal thoughts.
The sound of the cascade was a soft melody. As soon as the magical sounds of that cascade hit her eardrum, stacey felt an eerie sensation. Her heart ceased beating for a moment and she gasped. She could hear the gentle sounds of the cascade. ‘’How is this possible? How can I listen to the sounds of the descending waterfall? Is it a miracle?’’ her train of thoughts was moving at a fast pace and she was staring at the cascade with amusement. ‘’Did the soothing sounds of this waterfall cure me?’’ She wondered incredulously. Her face glittered with happiness and was glowing like a moon. The magical sounds of the failing water healed stacey miraculously and turned her bitter reality into something mystical. Tears of joy ticked her eyes. Her heart was singing with hopes and possibilities. Finally, she tasted the morsel of happiness after so long. She tried to get up but her legs had turned to jelly as she was sitting on the rocks for a long time. Summoning her strength, she got up and started walking in a daze.

She didn’t tell her family anything when she got back home. She just sat silently on the couch with a children awe on her face and was listening to her parents talking and her parents talking and her younger siblings shouting. She couldn’t believe her luck. She decided to tell everyone tomorrow.
The next morning, stacey went to college with a wide grin on her face. She entered her classroom and what she heard next moment made her heart stop. She heard her friends talking about her friends talking about her and making fun of her disability. She was rooted to the stop. Had they been mocking and making fun of me all these years?” She thought solemnly as tears welled up in her eyes. She felt a pang in her heart as she realized that they were just pretending to be her friends. Bracing herself, stacey approached her friends. Looking directly into their eyes, she repeated their words, you pity on me because I am deaf. I look like a maniac when I try to perceive and hear the voices of people around me. I should put and end to my useless and miserable life. I am such a disaster! They all were gaping at her with disbelieving eyed. She looked at her fake friends and said with tear-filled eyes “I am not deaf anymore.” Saying this, she stormed out of the class-room and headed to her home.


Her parents were on cloud mine when she filled them with all the details about what happened on the river, how she got cured and that she wasn’t deaf anymore. stacey’s life got back on track and family she became able toñstire her silence. She visited that river with her family every weekend as it was her favourite place and a safe haben. The cascade on that river was truly a magic wand that fulfilled her wish of getting her hearing ability back.

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