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Short Story The Broken Doll By Eisha

Alicia was an only child and was, naturelly a spoiled one. The seven year old loved to play with toys like all the other kids, but she had the finest once as her parents were rich. In fact, Alicia had her own toy room that all her friends adored. They thought she lived the life of a princess as she got everything she wanted. One day her mother decided to throw away all of her clothes, books and toys that she no longer liked or used. So, Alicia was asked to put away the unwanted stuff.


She put in old books; (wich weather had all the pages turn up or destroyed by water or any other liquid that a child could spill,   and were illegible),   old clothes (those that her old grandma or aunt had sent her and didn’ match her or her mother’s standards) and last came the throwing away of old toys. Now, Alicia loved almost all her toys but she decided to throw away the weird old woollen teddy bear her poor aunt had made of her, seriously it would be better if she  didn’t bring her anything than bringing such a hideous toy! She hunted for something else so that her mother would be proud of her  (that she had such a generous daughter). Finally she found something, it was one of alicia’s favourite toys from her childhood; a beautiful brunette princess doll. Her name was ‘’Aria’’ and she wore a fine red silk gown and a rhinestone tiara just like any real princess. But Alicia didn’t like her anymore because one of her legs was broken and so were her delicate hazel eyes made of peculiar stones. She called her ‘’the Broken Doll” and decided she didn’t want her anymore. Now, Alicia’s mother annually got her daughter to clean up and collect unwanted things; not to throw them away but to give to her poor niece who was just Alicia’s age and lived in the country side. Her name was emma but Alicia’s mother was sent away to emma. T he next month, emma’s birthday came and Alicia’s mother never told her about her. So the stuff was sent way to Emma. the next month, Emma’s birthday came andAlicia’s mother received an invitation letter from her sister (Aunt sara) inviting her and her whole family at her house. Alicia’s mother didn’t like her sister much and nor  was she just to see her and her old, creepy country house which was torn apart. But she accepted the invitation anyway.

Untold Story By Hareem Ahmed Faisalabad                                 

When Alicia met Emma, she wasn’t sure she liked her; Emma’s rough braids and hand stitched blue dress was really unattractive and uninteresting, But Alicia’s was nice to her and played with her because; for one thing it was Emma’s birthday and for another, Alicia’s mom had told her to do so. While playing with Emma, she found her beautiful doll. She seemed expensive and precious and her Rhinestone tiara and red silk gown looked a lot like her own doll that she had thrown away. But her legs were fixed now and she had a bright botton eye which made her look all the more pretty. Alicia felt like she had seen her before. Of Course she had, it was her own ‘’Broken Doll’’! She felt jealous of Emma because she loved her doll. Similarly , we all take everything in our lives for granted and remain an ungrateful unit. It’s not ours anymore .

The Broken Doll Written By Eisha, Lahore  



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