What Is Subject? How to Use Subject In English Grammar?


Doer of an action is Called Subject

Kam karne wala subject khelata hai


Definition of subject

The subject of a sentence sometimes does something to someone or something else (Oxford Definition)

Subject kisi bhi jumle mein kuch karta ho kisi bandey k liye ya kisi cheaz ka liye kio bhi cheaz

For Example


TARIQ Teaches You.

Tariq parhata tumhy hai

(yaha per “TARIQ” Subject hai kyon ka parha kon raha hai)


TARIQ and Suleman live in Karachi. 

Tariq aur suleman Karachi mein rahtay hai

(Yaha per subject “TARIQ And Suleman” hai)


Sky is blue.  

Assmaan neela hai

( yaha per subject “ Sky” hai)


Tariq Is not a good teacher. 

(tariq aik acha ustaaad nehi hai

(yaha per “tariq”subject hai)


Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan

( Karachi pakistan ka sub se bhara shaher hai


Sir Tariq Is my English Teacher 

( Sir tariq mere english k ustaad hai)



The earth is round

( duniya goal hai)




Don’t worry ( befikar raho yaha subject nehi hai)

I am tariq ( es mein I subject hai lekin Usey Subject pronoun kaha jata hai)



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Now It is time for test and finds “subject” in the following below.

yeh Waqt hai test ka aur doodhey subject nichey diye gaye jumley diye gaye

  1. Akbar was a great king.
  2. Pakistan is our country.
  3. My friend gave me a book.
  4. Sunday is the first day of the week.
  5. March is the third month of a year.
  6. Karachi is a big city.
  7. He saw a boy carrying a bag.
  8. I like bread, butter, and milk.
  9. Good students go to school daily.
  10. Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan.
  11. His courage won him honor.
  12. The crowd was very big.
  13. Always speak the truth.
  14. The elephant has great strength.
  15. The class is studying grammar.
  16. Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.
  17. I looked down from my window.
  18. Put away your books.
  19. The cat sleeps on the rug.
  20. Cocks crow in the morning.
  21. Your book lies on the table.
  22. The fire burns dimly.
  23. The birds sing in the green trees.
  24. My new watch does not keep a good time.
  25. The beggar sat down by the side of the road.
  26. I learned Urdu at school.
  27. He took shelter under a tree.
  28. The boy easily lifted the heavyweight.
  29. Akram wrote a letter to his uncle.
  30. A tiny bird lived under the cave.


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