How to Talk About Illness in English ~ Unit 11 I have + illness

Unit 11 I have illness The Craziest Way To Learn English By Mr Crazy


I have + Illness

I have = I’ve


I’ve got a fever / I have a fever./ I’ve a fever

I’ve got a headache

I have a headache.

I’ve a headache

I have cough

I have a sore throat

I have a frog in my throat

I have toothache

I have stomachache/ bellyache

I have Typhoid/malariya

I have ache

I have flu.

I have fever.

I have jaundice.

I have Asthma.

I have earache

Let start practice

I have flu.

I don’t have flu.

Do I have flu?

Don’t I have flu?

check this out

Unit 10 I have + Noun

I have fever.

I don’t have fever.

Do I have fever?

Don’t I have fever?

I have malaria.

I don’t have malaria.

Do I have malaria?

Don’t I have malaria?

I have jaundice.

I don’t have jaundice.

Do I have jaundice?

Don’t I have jaundice?

I have Asthma.

I don’t have asthma.

Do I have asthma?

Don’t I have asthma?

I have cough.

I don’t have cough.

Do I have cough?

Don’t I have cough?

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