Three-Word English Sentences In Urdu Lesson 88

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Lesson eighty Eight Three-Word Sentences In urdu

Three words sentences In Urdu

Make a list.

Fehrist banao/list banao


Don’t even try.

Koshish bhi mat karna


Delete this line.

Yeh line mita doo


What happened here?

Yaha kiya hua tha


It is empty.

Yeh khali hai


Brush your teeth.

Apney daant brush karo


Call me later.

Majhey bad mein call karna

Majhey thori der mein call karna


She had cancer.

Usey cancer tha


I can explain.

main wazat kar sakta ho


It stopped moving

Yeh chalna/hilna band ho gayi

Yeh ruk gayi


They will attack.

wooh hamla karey gai


It’s a trap!

Yeh aik jaal hai

Yeh saazish hai


Everybody needs love.

Har kisi ko muhabbat ki zarrort hoti hai


Hold my hand.

Mera hath pakro


It was delicious.

yeh lazeez tha


Don’t waste money.

paisa mat zaya karo


I was blind.

main andha tha


Now I see.

Ab mein samjha


Don’t stop now.

ab ruko mat


It is sweet.

Yeh acha hai

Yeh pyara hai


I’m against it.

main es ka kilaf ho


I was sick.

main bemar tha


They are healthy.

Wooh sehat mand haii


He was fat.

Wooh mota tha


It is dirty.

yeh ganda hai


Find a way.

Rasta dhoondho


Are you happy?

Kiya app khush hai


I hope so.

main umeed karta ho ap khush ho gai


This is madness!

Yeh pagal pan hai


We left early.

hum jaldi nikal gaye they


I found him.

maine usey dhood liya


Don’t be disappointed.

Maysoos mat hoo


I am crazy.

Main pagal ho


Authors write books.

Musanif kitabien likhta hai


1st assignment

Please make five sentences


2nd assignment

Let me talk

Who is he?

How is she?

I hate you



how many continents are there in the world?


general knowledge 

There are seven continents in the world and they are:

North America South America Europe Africa

Asia Australia and Antarctica


Question of the day

what is the world’s largest country?


Golden words

Helping one person might not change the world,

but it could change the world for one person

watch this video

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