True Short Story Is It Illegal To Argue

Is It Illegal To Argue With A Police Officer(Karachi Police)

10 years ago it happened to me that changed my life forever it was Friday afternoon at 11:30 Am, my father told me to fetched chicken from water pump Market and let me tell you at that I was about 18 or 19 years old. I was easygoing or shirker.(kam choor nikama) I did not want to go to market but it was ordered by My father so I had to go to market than I started my father’s bike and went to buy a 1.5 kg chicken 

when I came near “dar-ul-ooom namia”(place), police van was there and they stopped me and they ordered me to show bike registration book, I told them I did not have bike registration book and I also said “this is not my bike, this is my father’s bike”(I remembered 5 days ago my best friend said to me he slap traffic police officer because he has source because his father was in navy and I was thinking I should argue with police )

Police:  What is your name?

Tariq:    Tariq

Police: where are you coming from?

Tariq:  home

police: I said I mean to say where is your home

Tariq:  after two street it’s about 10-minute journey
Police:   Can you pass me your Bike registration papers?

Tariq: I don’t have registration papers right now 

Police: Can I see your driver’s license?

Tariq: I don’t have one 

police:  you don’t have license and bike registration book

Tariq: I have registration book at my father’s shop but I don’t have a driving license 

Police: so you don’t have anything 

Tariq: you are just wasting my time sir please let me go otherwise it is not good for you 

police:  pick him and his bike and take to the police station

Tariq:  wait! then Tariq said  to his best friend “danish” bring my registration book ( at that time one of my friends was going  across the road I called him and told to fetch the registration book from my father’s shop and after that, I told the policeman 

“ I never trust in three things
1) snakes. 2) girls, and 3) police “

this line burn him up and he told me now you will see what will happen to you, I did not care  who will come for you

Tariq: my friend came with registration book  and I  gave to the police officer

police:  this is not registration book how can you say this is registration book are you making me fool

Tariq:  sir here is my father’s picture and bike number

police: wait let me show you what is a registration book/card

Tariq: ok

police stopped the other person and told him to show registration card basically it was computerized registration card and then he told now prove it your book is not fake and I was confused at that time I told my friend to fetched my father here

My father came he asked a police officer what happened, sir

police: he abused us and he does not have manner now what should we do

Why Did Father Do With His Own Son

Father: he is not my son if he breaks any law and disrespects you I allow you to beat him and take him to jail

Tariq, I was shocked what is going on with me I did not abuse anyone even I hate abuse, what did I do?

police:  he told me to sit in the van 

Tariq:  I told them I will not go I did not do any crime so why should I go with you.

police: they started to beat me with the stick I shouted  and they kept beating me till i got and sat in the van

when they took me to the police station the office said to the in charge of the station that he abuse us

In charge stare at my eyes and slap me  and ordered them to take him into prison(jail)

Dirty Place  

it was the very dirty place I ever saw in my life I was crying because I was feeling pain in my face because of slap I was thinking that
where are you, father? and why didn’t you support me?

I was thinking and crying

Nobody likes me

nobody loves me

maybe I am nobody

nobody cares about me

after two hours Junior officer came to see me and I was angry at that time I told him


Story Of the month Written By Tariq


people told me police is like the snake now I believe that

the junior officer told me “go to hell

Tariq, I was thinking I should not say this line

after 4 hours they came and told me to say sorry

I was so tired and I said “ I am sorry I will not do it”

Police: He said that never argue with policemen  and if you do so you will get in trouble

I went to my home

after 2 weeks they stopped me and told to show registration book once again I did not have any book so I said sorry and promise them  “I will keep  registration book”




never break the law and always keep license and registration book

I respect them they teach me


I explain in my own words

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