Untold Story By Hareem Ahmed Faisalabad

Untold Story


Written By Hareem Ahmed, Faisalabad

Translated into Urdu By Tariq Aziz

Taken From Smash magazine Pakistan

Everyone left me and I was alone

Har kisi chor diya majhey aur main akla tha


I had nothing except some tears and hope

Mere pass kuch nehi tha siwaye kuch aansowo aur umeed k


I cried but there was no one to listen

Main royi thi lekin kio bhi suney wala nehi tha


Screamed in silence but no one heard

Khamoshi mein cheekti rahi lekin kisi ko sunayi na diya


Now i had only a hope, just a hope 

Ab mere pass sirf aik umeed hai bus aik umeed


A hope of a new life, a hope of some help

Aik nayi zindagi ki umeed , kuch madad ki umeed


I wish someone in this world

Kash kio toh es duniya mein hota


Could listen my untold story

Jo meri na kahi hui kahni sun sakta

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