What Is a Verb? Definition and Types of Verbs With Examples

What Is a Verb? | Definition and Types of Verbs With Examples
Verb is a word which shows state, possession, and action.
State verbs and possessive verbs are also known as ‘non-action verbs’.
Pakistan is my homeland.
Here, ‘is’ is a state verb
He has a new car.
Here, ‘has’ is a possessive verb
He is eating mango.
Here, ‘is eating’ is an action verb.

Types of Verbs With Examples


State Verb



(Will be)

Possessive Verb



(Will have)

Action Verb
Main Verb (Principal Verb)
Auxiliary Verb

State Verb/Be-Verb:
I am your teacher. (Present state)
I was in a party last night. (Past state)
You will be a doctor. (Future state)
Forms of Be-Verb
1st form
2nd form

3rd form

Possessive Verb:
I have a pen. (Present possession)
I had a parrot. (Past possession)
I will have a new car. (Future possession)
Forms of Possessive-Verb
1st form

2nd form

3rd form

Action Verb:
There are two parts of action verb.
(a) Auxiliary Verb
(b) Main/Principal Verb
Example: He is eating mango.
(is = Auxiliary Verb (Helping Verb) and eating = Main verb/Principal Verb)

He can swim easily.
(can = Auxiliary Verb (Modal) and swim = Main Verb/Principal Verb

Auxiliary Verb: Auxiliary verbs helps the main verb to form a sentence.
Auxiliary Verbs can be further classified into two types:
(i) Helping Verbs (is/am/are/was/were/will/do/does/did)  It determines tense.
(ii) Modals (can/could/may/might/must/would/should/ought to/dare)  It shows tense and extra sense like possibility, advisability etc.
Main Verb/Principal Verb: They are action showing words.
Example: run, teach, listen, jump etc.

Forms of Main Verb:
1st form / Present form / base form: Play, Write, Cut etc.
2nd form / Past form: Played, Wrote, Cut etc
3rd form / Past Participle form: Played, Written, Cut etc.
4th form / Present Participle form / Gerund form/ Verb (1st+ing) form: Playing, Writing, Cutting etc.
5th form / Singular form / Verb (1st+s/es): Plays, Writes, Cuts etc
The verbs having a suffix –ed in 2nd and 3rd form are known as regular verbs while irregular verbs doesn’t follow any specific pattern.
Types of Main Verb:

Transitive Verb

Intransitive Verb

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