We Will Be Friends Forever English Poem In Urdu

We Will Be Friends Forever English Poem In Urdu Written By Tariq Aziz

after twenty years
20 saal baad

I still remember you
ajj bhi main tumhey yaad karta ho
main abhi bhi tumhey yaad karta ho
When i get depressed
jab main afsurda hota ho
i remember you
main tumhey yaad karta ho
it makes me happy
tumhari yaad majhey khushi deti hai
you are not with me anymore
tum mere saath ab nehi ho
tumhra saath ab raha nehi

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but you are still in my heart
lekin tum abhi bhi mere dil mein ho
but you are still in my mind
lekin tum abhi bhi mere dimagh mein ho
how can i forget you
main kaisey tumhey bhool sakta ho
kis tarha tumhey bhula sakta ho
you were everything in my life
tum sub kuch thi meri zindagi mein
my friend my love
meri dost , meri muhabbat
meri dost, mera pyar
I sometime think about you
main kabhi kabar sochta ho tumhrey barey mein
main kabhi kabar tumhre barey mein sochta ho


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how are you now
ab tum kesi ho
how you look now
ab tum kesi dhekti ho
where are you?
tum kaha ho
what are you doing?
kia kar rahi ho
these questions always come in my mind
yeh sawalat humesha mere zehan mein atey hai
do you remember
kia tumhey yaad hai
we promised
humney wada kia tha
we will be friends forever
hum humesha dost rahe gai
but i haven’t seen you for many years
lekin main tumhey saalo sey nehi dheka
but i still miss you
lekin main tumhey ab bhi yaad karta ho
i still love you
main ab bhi tumhey pyar karta ho
whenever i see dreams about you
jab kabhi main tumhey khwab mein dhekta ho
jab kabhi main tumhrey barey mein khwab dhekta ho
it makes me worry
yeh khwab majhey pershan kar dety hai
i think something happens to you
majhey lagta tumhrey saath kuch hua hai
then i just pray for your safty and your happiness
phir main bus tumhri hifzat aur khushiyo ki dua manta ho
because we are still friends forever
kyo k ab bhi hum humesha k dost hai
May Allah Give you good health
may allah give you all happiness

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