When I born I Black Poem by an African Child

Poem by an African Child

When I born, I Black,
Main jab paida hui main kali thi

When I grow up, I Black,
Main jab bari hui main kali thi

When I go in Sun, I Black,
Main jab din mein taptey suraj mein nikalti jab main kali thi

When I scared, I Black,
Jab main khaufzada hoti ho jab bhi main kali

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When I sick, I Black,
Jab main bemar hoti jab bhi main kali

And when I die, I still black..
Aur jab main marti ho us waqt bhi main kali thi

And you White fella,
Aur tum safed banday


When you born, you Pink,
Tum jab peda hotey ho tum gulabi hotey ho

When you grow up, you White,
Jab barey hotey ho tum safed hotey ho

When you go in Sun, you Red,
Jab suraj mein nikaltey ho tum laal hotey ho

When you cold, you Blue,
Jab tumehy sardi lagti hai tum nailey ho jatey ho

When you scared, you Yellow,
Jab tum khaufzada hotey tum pilley ho jatey ho

When you sick, you Green,
Jab tum bemar hotey ho tum haray ho jatey ho

And when you die, you Gray..
Tum tum martey ho tum surmai ho jaty ho

And you calling me Colored?
Aur tum majhey bulatey ho rangeen

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