Determine words meanings from their contexts

Determine words meanings from their contexts
What is the dictionary used for if I can understand the meaning of words from their contexts? I told you to use the dictionary but only if you can’t understand the meaning from the context.
Obviously, if you can understand the new word from the context, you don’t need to use the dictionary. In fact, it is better to understand the new word without using an English dictionary. But it is not always possible to determine words meanings from their contexts.
Learn the most important words first
If you understood how to improve English vocabulary faster using the previous tips, consider focusing on the most important words at the beginning. It would not be wise to learn sophisticated English words without knowing the basic English vocabulary words.
Don’t write difficult vocabulary in your notebook at the beginning. You should agree that at this point you are a beginner. You can add more difficult English vocabulary words as long as you improve. When you will be an advanced student, you can add the most difficult words to your notebook.
Bonus tips on how to improve English vocabulary
Did you try all the tips listed above? Are you still want to know how to improve English vocabulary? No problem, I just wrote some additional tips especially for you!
Sign up for the word of the day using online dictionaries
Did you know that many online dictionaries can help you to improve English vocabulary? All you have to do is to sign up for their newsletter. They will send you a new word each day.
Try it and you will learn about 365 new English words ever year. It is simple and everyone can do it.
A new word every day won’t be difficult. It is not a heavy thing to carry!
Play vocabulary games and word puzzles
If you like to play games, why don’t you try to play some educational games? you may ask: How to improve English vocabulary through games?
Yes, games in most cases are a waste of time. Educational games are anything else. There are many educational games online to help you learn English vocabulary in a funny and easy way.
Use mobile Applications
Do you have a smartphone? In the last few years, smartphone applications have become very popular. There are thousands of applications to help you to learn English.
You can use them to learn a lot of new words. You can also learn how to pronounce them. Mobile applications are an effective way to improve English vocabulary!
What is next?
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We saw many ways on how to improve English vocabulary easily. There are many other tips not listed here. Let me know if you have some other powerful tips.

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