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Kim | 14:17 UK time, Monday, 9 August 2010 

This is in reply to Marina’s third and fourth posts

Dear Marina

Gosh – you have been busy this weekend, haven’t you? Thanks very much for both of your posts. It was certainly interesting to read about the different religions that co-exist in Kazakhstan (a nice word to use by the way – although you don’t need to add ‘together’ too). 

Thanks for putting up the photos of the various places of worship – the Orthodox temple is beautiful. I had never heard about the ‘temple of all religions’ – the Pyramid of Peace. I just looked online and have seen that it was designed by the UK architect Norman Foster, and that it has an opera house underground – have you ever been inside?

In Taunton where I live there are a number of churches – but not many other places for non-Christians to worship. Here is a photo of the church which is near our house – though I have only been inside it once:


If you go to bigger cities or towns in the UK you will find, as in Kazahkstan, places of worship for many different religions. Some people who live in this part of the country need to travel to Bristol, our nearest big city, where there are mosques, a Buddhist centre, a Hindu temple, a synagogue and a Greek Orthodox church among others.

You might find this BBC podcast interesting – it is about faith in Britain, and the first broadcast is about people ‘mixing and matching‘ beliefs from different religions.

Thanks also for your second post, and your thoughts about working long hours to be able to buy material goods. We have an expression ‘money rich, time poor‘ to describe the people that you are talking about – people who have a large disposable income but little time to enjoy it, or the things that money can’t buy. The expression ‘time poverty‘ is also used for this phenomenon. Many people are now thinking more about their work-life balance, and some people are downsizing – that is, working less, earning less money, and moving to smaller homes and leading simpler lifestyles. It sounds like you have done something similar. But as we know there are many people around the world who don’t have a lot of choice – who have to work long hours, but at the end of it don’t have a lot of money either. We are in a lucky position if we can choose to work less.

You mention that you used to work long hours, and now work an eight hour day (I agree that that is enough!). What do you do? You say that you used to work in an office. Do you still work in one?

I was also working longer hours, but happily now work less, and have a lot more time to spend with family – and on my allotment growing our fruit and veg! It feels like such a privilege to be able to spend some time outdoors each day instead of at a computer. And now I don’t even mind when it rains because it means I don’t have to do the watering!

Anyway, let’s look at the language you have used in your last two posts. As usual, your posts are well-written and easy to read and understand – and you use some expressions really naturally, for example ‘for goodness sake‘ and ‘our nearest and dearest‘. 

There are some mistakes in your posts, and I thought that today perhaps you could correct them if I highlight them. So…here is your first task today. The following phrases have mistakes. Can you correct them?

There is an only Krishna’s temple in Central Asia as I know
It might be sounds odd
There is one Almaty legend that connected with that time
Later they were founded
Every three years the leaders of word confessions (about 200) will be gather in this palace
Those “twenty-something” probably should have enjoy their lives

Now here’s the second task. The sentences below all have problems with articles. Can you correct them too?

Some of them are the Buddhists and others are the Christians
The fact is that Islam and Christianity have majority of followers
Moreover we have “temple of all religions” in capital city Astana
People call it “pyramid”
In my opinion majority of people in Kazakhstan
The leader will gather in this palace to take a part in Forum
instead they are trying to earn all money on the Earth
There is kind of “showing-off-competition” among them
But what the price they pay working all those long hours
I’m sure we should catch every moment and live it for ourselves not for “job”,
There are plenty of things that we just can’t buy – the light of the day :), smile of our nearest and dearest
we live ones and the life is too short (note the spelling of ‘once‘!)

Well, that’s it for now. I look forward to hearing more about your life – and seeing more great photos. And I am wondering what the story is behind the latest photo of you that you have put up? Where are you? Why are you surrounded by stuffed animals?!

Best wishes,

Gosh! = an exclamation you can use to express surprise
co-exist = live or exist together in the same place and at the same time
place of worship = a place where there are religious ceremonies, or where people can go to show respect to a god
architect = a person who designs buildings
mix and match = take elements of different things
disposable income = money you can spend how you like and not on things that you have to buy (taxes, food, bills, rent etc)
material goods = things you can buy
work-life balance = the amount of time you spend doing your job compared with the amount of time spend doing enjoyable things outside work
allotment = a piece of ground people can rent to grow fruit, vegetables or flowers
veg = an abbreviation for ‘vegetables’
privilege = chance to do something special or enjoyable
for goodness sake! = an expression people might say when they are a little angry or impatient
our nearest and dearest = our family and close friends
stuffed animal = animal that is preserved


Please let me know what you think

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