Your Story In English ! Urdu ~You will regret if you don’t watch this

you will regret if you don’t watch this video

This is your story
Yeh app ki kahni hai





You are poor….&
You belong to low middle class
Tum gareeb ho aur tumhra taluq gareebo ka bilkul nechey darjey sey hai


You can only eat mutton once in a year
You can only eat beef once in a year
Tum sirf saal mein aik baar hi bakrey ka ghoast ka saktey ho
Tum sirf saal mein bar hi gaii ka ghost khaa saktey ho


Your salary finished before month Ended
Tankha khatam ho jati hai month khatam honey sey pehle


You always wait for changing
Tum humesha tabdali ka intizar kartey ho


You always wait for miracles
Tum humesha mujzaa honey ka intizar kartey ho


You care what others think
Tum parwa kartey ho log kia sochtey hai


People make you realizeYou are imperfect
Log app ko mehsoos karwatey hai
tum na mukamal ho


People sayYou are Nobody…
Log kahtey hai
Tum kio bhi nehi ho


People sayYou are Nothing…
Log kahtey hai
Tum kuch bhi nehi


People sayYou are a Loser…
Log kahtey hai
Tum haarey hue ho


People make you realize You are a burden to everyone around You?…
Log kahtey hai
Tum bhoojh ho harkisi per jo tumhrey asspass hai


People sayYou cannot do this. Or you cannot do that.
Log kahtey hai
Tum yeh nehi kar saktey ya tum woh nehi kar saktey


People sayYou cannot do anything.
Log kahtey hai
Tum kuch nehi kar saktey


And you finally believe what people think and say about you
Aur akhir kaar tumhey yaqeen a jata hai log kiya sochtey hai aur boltey hai tumhrey barey mein


You are a failure because you don’t believe in yourself.
you are lack of common sense
you are lack of confidence
You have these things
by yourself



Written By Tariq Aziz 10 August 2019
Think About this.

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