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today’s lesson we are going to learn Nouns and its types and List of Nouns

Noun is a naming word. It is the name of any person, place, thing, state or emotion.
normally we used Noun as a subject or object in a sentence.
Types of Noun:
1. Proper Noun
2. Common Noun
3. Material Noun
4. Collective Noun
5. Abstract Noun
6. Concrete Noun
7. Countable Noun
8. Uncountable Noun
9. Compound Noun
1. Common Noun:
Common noun is the name of that which is more than one in this world.
Example: boy, girl, cat, city, school, pen etc.
 Never capitalize the first letter of common noun except at start.
 Plural of common noun is possible according to the simple rules of plural formation.
2. Proper Noun:
Proper noun is the name of that which is only one in this world.
Example: Saifuddin, Karachi, Dollar Pen etc.
 Always capitalize the first letter of proper noun.
 Plural of proper noun is not possible.
3. Material Noun:
Material number is the name of a thing by which we can make another thing.
Example: milk, water, iron, glass, gold etc.
 Plural of material noun is not possible.
4. Collective Noun:
Collective noun is the name of collection of objects.
A FLEET of ships/birds.
A FLOCK of sheeps.
A HERD of cattle.
A PRIDE of lions.
A MURDER of crow.
A BUNCH of grapes/keys
An ARMY of soldier
A CROWD of people
A CLASS of students
Abstract noun is the name of a thing which we cannot touch or see but we can only feel it. Abstract noun is the name of feelings and state.
Example: Love, hatred, wisdom, confidence etc.
 Plural of abstract noun is not possible.
 Plural noun can also be identified by certain SUFFIXES.
Condition, Hesitation, Perception, Solution, Situation etc.
Payment, Statement, Treatment, Measurement, Contentment etc.
Disturbance, Resistance, Issuance etc.
Condolence, Confidence, Independence, Patience etc.
Wisdom, Martyrdom, Freedom etc.
Friendship, Sponsorship, Relationship etc.
Sickness, Illness, Sadness, Happiness etc.
Nationhood, brotherhood, neighborhood, childhood etc.
Scarcity, pity, poverty etc.
Compulsion, Tension, Fusion etc.
Concrete noun is the opposite of abstract noun. It is the name of that we can touch or see. All the common, noun, material and collective nouns are concrete nouns.
Compound noun is the combination of two nouns. A hyphen (-) is used to join the two nouns.
Example: Lunch-box, milk-man, sales-man etc.
It is the name of that which we can count.
Example: Drop of water, star, grain of rice, girl etc.
 Common, proper and collective nouns are countable noun.
 Plural of countable noun is possible.
It is the name of that which we cannot count.
 All the abstract nouns and material nouns are uncountable noun.
 Plural of countable noun is not possible.
Example: Water, Love, Rice, etc.
Q: Write down ten examples from every type of NOUN.
Q: Identify the type of noun from the underlined words.

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