How to Speak English With Confidence

Why do you need confidence in speaking English? and How to Speak English With Confidence
Have you studied English for a long time and you still don’t speak it fluently?
Do you know all the English grammar rules but when it comes to a conversation you can’t speak one single word?
Have you been thinking that your English is very good and you got shocked when you started a conversation in English ?
Don’t worry because this is a common problem most English learners face, you are not the only one !
This problem is related to confidence. You should be confident if you want to speak English fluently.
What is confidence ?
Confidence is an attitude of mind and taking action. It is knowing what you are good at, having belief in your talents, abilities and personal strength.
When it comes to learning English, confidence is as important as vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. Here are five reasons why confidence in speaking English is very important:
1- Confidence makes you feel comfortable
Being comfortable is very important when you start a conversation in English. If you build your confidence, you will never become nervous when speaking English, you will reduce stress and won’t be frustrated or afraid of making mistakes. You will always go forward and improve even more.
2- With confidence you can start conversations
Because you will not be shy or scared of making mistakes. You will enjoy speaking English and start looking for conversations with native English speakers and this will help you to improve your English more because you will practice English more.
Practicing conversations in English is very important if you want to speak English fluently. So build your confidence if you don’t want to lose good opportunities anymore !
3- Confidence helps you to make new friends
If you are more confident, sure you will make a lot of new friends because you will always be going forward. Don’t forget that learning English is about a community and friends are very important to practice English with.
The more friends you make the more motivated you’ll be and this can only be done if you are confident in speaking English !
4- Confidence helps you to continue learning English
If you are confident and you are not nervous when you learn English, I don’t think that you will quit learning English, you will stay motivated and you will also enjoy learning English.
As you may know learning English usually takes a long time, confidence helps you staying focused and highly motivated as long as you learn to speak English fluently.
5- With confidence you remember English vocabulary when speaking
Even if you have a huge English vocabulary in your brain, being not confident will make you forget almost all of the words you already know. Some students say they can’t remember a single word because of the lack of confidence !
An additional Reason why confidence is very important, is the fact that thinking you are not able to speak English will be a habit over time (a bad habit actually!!) and this bad habit will stick to you. That’s why children are the best learner of languages: they are very confident and they have strong belief in their abilities !
What do you think ? Are you confident in speaking English ? Are you having a lack of confidence when you try to speak English ? Let me know your opinion about confidence!
How to Speak English With Confidence

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